Sjursnes is situated in Sørfjorden, which is the southern part of Ullsfjorden. The fjord is surrounded by majestic mountains, such as Lyngsalpene, and the biggest mountain in Troms Jiehkkevarri (1834 MASL) in the east, and Sjursnestinden (1122 MASL) in the west. Other mountains in the west are Lavangstiden (1215 MASL), Musnestinden (1103 MASL) and Karltinden (1206 MASL). At the entrance to the fjord one has to pass through Storstraumen which is a strong tidal flow that is 450 meters wide on its narrowest point and approx. 10 meters deep. The fjord extends from Storstraumen and approx. 30 km further inland to Sjøvassbotn. There are many good fishing spots in the fjord and the most common fishing species to get are cod, pollock, haddock, halibut and wolffish.

You can also purchase a fishing license to fish trout in Nakkevannet, which is a freshwater close by. It’s also possible for ice fishing during the winter.

Breivikelva is about 20km away and offers a great fishing experience for salmon and sea trout. A fishing license is required here as well.

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